Accumulated Histories: Collections of Family Photographs, 2007-08


The images in the series Accumulated Histories represent an individual or family’s
entire collection of photographs. There is no information about the people who
created these photographs other than the provided name and visual clues that
appear in the images such as glimpses of written text. By denying viewers the
pleasure of actually seeing the photographs themselves, the images exclusively
investigate the photograph’s intrinsic characteristic (as we know it throughout
history) as a tangible and three-dimensional object. This physical presence is visually
represented in these large prints by removing the photograph’s original context
as a precious image kept in an album or tucked away in a shoebox. The photographs
are instead carefully stacked to resemble architectural-like towers that emphasize
the space they occupy and alter the conventional relationship between an individual
and a photograph.

The relationship between each image in the series is significant too, as it speaks
more generally about the physical presence of photographs in these individual’s
lives at a time when virtual imagery is becoming increasingly favourable and the
individual’s tactile experience with the photograph is changing.


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