Camera Obscured, 2010


Photographs are the index fossils of historical reality and the history of photography is thus

not only a complex history of interpretations of reality: it is also a history of perception.

- Bernd Stiegler, Photography as the Medium of Reflection



The large-format photographs in Camera Obscured were made by photographing found

camera obscura images, which occur as a result of reflected light entering through windows

and coming to rest on the walls of my studio, apartment, and friends’ homes. The photographs

document the physical presence of the receiving walls and the inexact registration of the

outside world.


With this series I endeavour to depict the phenomenon when natural light begins to unfold

into image. The ambiguity of the ensuing photographs, resulting from close cropping and

unfocused, projected window light, brings the reading away from an initial comprehension

of space and interior/exterior forms and toward the subjective subtleties of seeing – a type

of interior projection in itself. The tension between the wall texture as seen up close (such

as drywall tape, cracks, nails, and thumbtack holes) and the soft focus coloured light from

afar allow the viewer to move between identifiable and imagined spaces. As indistinct

representations of something familiar (light on walls), these images emphasize looking as a

cognitive process unfolding in time.


As with my past work, I have concentrated on the intrinsic characteristics of the photographic

medium in order to explore the ways in which such characteristics shape our perception.

Through the series Camera Obscured I hope to draw attention to these subtle images that

surround us daily - to which we are so often unconscious - as well as begin to raise questions

about expectations of content in photographic imagery.


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